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Our kitchens are where we cook, eat, entertain and socialise, and so much more, so it is important to design a kitchen that suits everyone and everything. Replacing a kitchen is a smart bet for increasing the value of your home, so adding beautiful islands and bespoke units could turn your new kitchen into a great investment for the future.

For a busy family home, a fitted kitchen is a bespoke solution that will offer fantastic functionality and streamline the space to make the most of every inch. Our kitchens are built to exacting standards using the most up to date machinery anywhere, and we work with our customers to design beautiful and quality made kitchens, whilst keeping price to an affordable price.

We take pride in delivering a professional and excellent customer service package from design to installation, from the moment we start on our shared journey to the moment your kitchen is installed and handed over to you. All our kitchens, whether indoor or outdoor, and our furniture ranges are manufactured in the UK, and all the worktops, appliances and interior storage are sourced in the UK as well.

The Kitchen Collection

A stunning collection of kitchens. Whether you’re looking for a slab, handleless or a shaker, there will be a kitchen to suit your style and budget.

Profile & Handleless



A super contemporary true handleless look by using a profile rail for easy door opening or J-Pull grip for simplified handleless design.

Perfect for those seeking a contemporary, minimalist feel, utilising our extensive range of handles.

A true classic. There is a wide range of choice from traditional through to modern shaker style kitchens.

Mereway Kitchens

English Revival

Hand-made using only the finest quality materials and hand painted using traditional in-frame craftsmanship.

Town & Country

Contemporary through to traditional kitchen design, with a look for all tastes, budgets and lifestyles.

Cucina Colore

Inspired by cosmopolitan culture and embraces the very finest combinations of textures, colours and finishes.

Lastra Slab


Futura True Handleless


Segreto Integrated Handle


The German Collection

ABISS have teamed up with one of the largest suppliers of German kitchens in Europe to offer you kitchens designed and manufactured to the highest quality, and which suits every taste.

Inox - Brushed Steel

Inline - Honed Alpine White

Credo - Alpine White

Nordic - Honed White

Castello - Washed Ivory

Flat Pack Kitchens

ABISS now offer flat pack kitchens as part of our kitchen range. All our cabinets come in a range of shapes and sizes, and are available in a colour choice of Light Grey or White.

Flat pack kitchens can offer a cheap alternative to the manufactured, pre-built units, especially for the kitchens on a budget, however it must be remembered that these kitchens will take longer to build and are not set square by robots, as this needs to be done manually.

Whilst flat pack kitchens still offer a good selection of ranges and sizes, they are restricted to many of the specialist cabinets available in the pre-built ranges.

One advantage of flat pack kitchen units and doors is the quick turn around and availability of the ranges, with lead times being less than a week in most cases.

Classic Shaker Doors

The classic styling of this range takes features of the traditional design and complements it with a modern twist.

Classic Shaker Colours

Contemporary Shaker Doors

This range takes all the qualities of a classic Shaker design and reinvents it for a more contemporary feel.

Contemporary Shaker Colours

J-Pull Doors

An integrated J-Pull handle makes this range the ultimate contemporary style statement.

J-Pull Colours


ABISS use the largest supplier of luxury worktops with the widest range of available worktops on the market. Many of the worktops are made to measure and templated using the most up to date technology. All the worktops are checked for quality standards and expert finishes. 24 hour production allows us to turn around our worktops quickly and effectively.


Choose from the next generation of finishes that are virtually indistinguishable from solid wood and stone, but with all the hardwearing, hygienic and easy to care for benefits of laminate. Worktops made from solid wood or granite can be beyond many people's budgets. Our laminate worktops can help you create that high value authentic look at a lower cost, with the added benefit of easier maintenance.



A slimline alternative to older, and more cumbersome worktops, the new Compact range is highly durable, high performing, and has excellent tensile strength and resistant properties. With surfaces at just 12.5mm thick, Compact worktops have been designed to be hard-wearing, easy to install, and capable of producing ultramodern designs with both horizontal and vertical applications.



Wood worktops have been a consistent presence in the kitchen worktop consumer market, often favoured for the graining which makes each piece unique. Consistent patterns and direction in the wood is ideal as a design choice to create a natural flow throughout your kitchen, while the earthy tones found in hardwoods can establish a warm sense of homeliness, injecting life into any kitchen design.


Slab Tech

Slab Tech is a solid 20 or 30mm thick solid surface worktop and offers the warm and seamless look of standard solid surface with certain colours also having the added benefit of the appearance of natural stone. Slab Tech is easy to install and is available in modular blanks, or as bespoke installation. Seamless, inconspicuous joints and a resistance to mould, bacteria and mildew, are amongst its much sought after attributes.



Corian has been supplied in the industry for over 50 years, having the esteemed accolade of being the original solid surface material. Corian has a unique receptiveness to thermoforming, which allows for all manner of unconventional and artistic curves to be produced in seamless fabrications. Worktops made from Corian are seamless, hardwearing, water resistant and warm to the touch.



Magna solid surface worktops are stain, water and impact resistant and offer seamless joints with the added benefit that any offending marks and scratches can be simply ‘polished out’. There’s a choice of great colours and Magna, whilst only 6mm thick, will give you a worksurface that looks and feels like a much more expensive 12mm solid surface material.



Quartz has the look and feel of granite but provides a much more consistent and solid colour for your kitchen worktop, without the need for periodic sealing or polishing. Quartz worktops are both beautiful and elegant with attributes of natural stone, enhanced colours and impact including mirror flecks and modern concrete colour options.



Granite worktops are a timeless and elegant alternative to manufactured work surfaces, offering rich and intricate designs forged by nature over millions of years. Because of the immense heat and pressure involved in its formation, Granite is one of the hardest materials on Earth, making it an extremely hard wearing and scratch resistant option for your kitchen.



Silestone is the flagship brand of Cosentino, the worldwide leaders in Quartz worktop manufacture, with an unparalleled choice of finishes. A highly premium brand, Silestone has the look and feel of granite, yet is much more consistent in texture and appearance.



Glass worktops are the result of a unique methodology, combining the strength of Quartz with the allure of crystal to result in a worktop of stunning beauty that offers a literal depth of texture which is inimitable by any other style of worktop.



Specifically engineered for extreme durability, Ceramic worktops represent the forefront of performance for man-made stone technology. Ceramic is extremely resistant to scratches, impact, chemical exposure, UV, moisture and heat.



Hygienic, incredibly durable, long-lasting and with consistent colour, the Dekton range of worktops is extremely high quality and highly qualified to deal with the rigours of professional applications, while delivering an aesthetically pleasing satin finish.



ABISS Joinery offer the widest range of appliances that are essential to any kitchen, whether it's ovens, fridges, freezers or hobs. We only use the biggest and best suppliers of these appliances, such as Bosch, Miele, Neff and AEG, so you know you're getting the best quality appliances.

Sinks & Taps

Our extensive range of sinks and taps include traditional ceramic, modern undermount and contemporary composite sinks as well as a large selection of taps to suit...

Stainless Steel




Sink and Tap Packs











Pull Out Storage

ABISS offer a wide variety of pull out units from corner cabinets to internal wall pull down units.


Italian designed kitchen wirework offers a high quality solution to kitchen storage. Pull out units, larder units & carousels are available from our wide range of products.

Internal Storage

To complement our kitchens, ABISS offer a variety of additional storage from the basic cutlery trays to waste bins and even lockable medicine and cleaning containers for inside the unit.


ABISS pride themselves on offering superior quality products, using the best components & materials to guarantee long-life performance, high light output and enhanced durability.


At ABISS, we have our own team of qualified electricians who are at hand to supply and install anything from raw circuit boards to replacement fascias, pop up sockets and lighting.


Our range of glass, metal and wood splashbacks are manufactured for use with curved extractors as well as a generic straight top option.


You can add so much more to your bedroom with the right furniture, creating the perfect place to sleep and dream. We deliver bedrooms that complement your space and help you relax.


Clean, sleek and smooth, transforming the most awkward-shaped space into a modern bedroom you can call your own.


Fresh, clean and contemporary, Elise will transform your bedrooms space. Accessorise with a headboard or contemporary dressing table to make a dramatic statement.


An innovative integral handle design creates a sleek and sophisticated statement. Accessorise with a contemporary dressing table to organise your space.

Ava Plus

The Ava Plus Range is the ultimate in urban chic and makes any bedroom look modern and contemporary. The pure, clean lines allow you to accessorise your room to make it as striking or as discreet as you see fit.


A simple and clean shaker style with unfussy lines that can be tailored to your own bedroom ideas.


A classic design with raised and fielded doors for that touch of elegance. Choose from plain, mirrored or glazed doors to personalise your bedroom.


A classic but contemporary look thanks to theuse of panelled shaker doors without feature lines and plinths.

Walk in Wardrobes

At ABISS, we create bespoke walk in wardrobes that are designed and custom made to your absolute specifications. We offer storage for belts, ties, underwear, lingerie, hosiery and jewellery.

Home Offices

Turn your guest room into a truly multifunctional space by having a home office installed. We will design wardrobes and cupboards for storage and then add shelving for books, files and folders and desk space for a computer and TV screen. Keep clutter at a minimum and make the most of your spare room without compromising on a place for family and friends to sleep.

Media Rooms

At ABISS, we design and manufacture media furniture, made bespoke to your requirements. A place to relax, watch TV and movies listen to music, play games and interact with social media. Our furniture designs will take into account all of your current media options and future needs, discreetly concealing wires, boxes and servers. We will also recommend and install lighting and electronics to suit your smart home requirements.

The Showroom - Gallery

Sample Area

Sample Area

German Collection - Black Ash

The German Collection - Black Ash

German Collection - Black Ash

The German Collection - Black Ash Alternate View



Apartment - Alternate View

Apartment - Alternate View

Apartment - Kitchen

Apartment Kitchen - Satin Light Grey & Havana Oak

Apartment - Media Suite

Apartment - Media Suite

Apartment - Fish Tank

Apartment - Fish Tank

Apartment - Bedroom

Apartment - Bedroom

Apartment - Bedroom Storage

Apartment - Bedroom Storage

Apartment - Bed and Dresser

Apartment - Bed & Dresser



The German Collection - Light Concrete & Dark Concrete

The German Collection - Light Concrete & Dark Concrete

Town & Country - Light Grey & Tyrolean Blue

Town & Country - Light Grey & Tyrolean Blue

The Kitchen Collection - Cashmere J-Pull Handleless

The Kitchen Collection - Cashmere J-Pull Handleless

English Revival - Mussel & Aubergine

English Revival - Mussel & Aubergine

English Revival - Mussel & Aubergine Alternate View

English Revival - Mussel & Aubergine Alternate View

Cucina Colore - Smoked Blue Steel, Walnut & Diamond Grey

Cucina Colore - Smoked Blue Steel, Walnut & Diamond Grey

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